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Fotopedia alternatives

Fotopedia is shutting down. It was a great site and I am sad that it's going to disappear. Here is the list of Fotopedia alternatives (although none of these can fully replace Fotopedia):

Bonjournal: A Simple Travel Journal App

Exposure: Create beautiful photo narratives

Storehouse: visual storytelling

Maptia: A beautiful way to tell stories about places

journi: Travel Blogging rediscovered

Cowbird: a public library of human experience

Google's World Wonders Project

Worldly - invite-only (2014/08/15) but very promising; thanks for inviting me:-)

You can also use Fotopedia to Evernote Importer to turn your Fotopedia data into Evernote notes and postach.io to make a good looking website out of them.

Please let me know in the discussion if you know about an alternative not listed here.

And yes, I'm trying to get the attention of the photographers who used to publish at Fotopedia. They are now googling phrases like "Fotopedia alternative" or "Fotopedia replacement" and I hope they might consider publishing some of their photographs here at this site, admittedly a lot smaller, simpler and less ambitious than Fotopedia.

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